The Bosphorus Online

Ulgener LC/LO

Ulgener LC/LO is established in 2000 with the aim to serve the maritime industry, especially to P&I Associations, H&M Underwriters & Ship Owners & Managements to meet their needs in Turkey.

The Eurasian

Admiralty Law Salvage (TOF) & Collision
Admiralty Law Salvage (TOF)
  • Turkish Open Form
  • Lloyd’s Open Form
  • Common Law Salvage
  • Collision
  • General Average
  • Wreck Removal
  • Obtaining Sea Protest
  • Constitution of Limitation Fund (LLMC 1976 as amended)
  • Crisis Management – 7/24
Charter Party Disputes & Cargo Claims
Charter Party Disputes
Cargo Claims
  • Charterparty Disputes
  • Cargo Claims and other claims arising out of B/L
  • Court surveys
  • Ship Arrest / Cargo Liening
  • Advice on Letters of Indemnity
  • Advice on Charterparties and other types of Contracts for Carriage of Goods
Corporate & Operational Issues
Operational Issues
  • Advice on Ship Management Agreements
  • Supply Agreements
  • Flag Issues
  • Class Issues
  • Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions of Shipping Companies
  • Resolutions of Board of Directors
  • Resolutions of Shareholders
Ship Finance
Ship Finance
  • Ship Sale & Purchase Agreements (including closing documentation and meetings)
  • Ship Registration
  • Loan Agreements and related Documentation
  • Mortgage Agreements and Registration
  • Yatch Sales and Charter Agreements
  • Compliance to International Agreements
Ship Building & Ship Repair
Ship Building
Ship Repair
  • Shipbuilding Contracts
  • Ship Repair Contracts
  • Conversion Contracts
  • Shipbreaking Contracts
  • Claims arising out of Shipbuilding and Repair Contracts
Maritime Labour Law
Maritime Labour Law
  • Contracts of Employement
  • Accidents at Sea / Personal Insuries Suffered by Crew
  • Assessment of Liability and Quantum
  • Compensation Claims
  • Actuary Calculations
  • Settlement Protocols
Pollution & Environmental Damages
Environmental Damages
  • Assessment of Evidences
  • Assessment of Liability Limits as per International Contracts
  • Appealing the administrative fines
  • Advising the parties in relation to potential civil and criminal cases
  • Representing Crew at Criminal Cases
Enforcement of Foreign Awards
Enforcement of Foreign Awards
  • Application for Recognition of Foreign Awards
  • Application for Enforcement of Foreign Awards
Customs Infringements
Customs Infringements
  • Shortages
  • False Declarations
  • Customs Fines
  • Anti Smuggling Investigations
  • Criminal Proceedings
Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Legal Opinion on Insurance Matters
  • Subrogation Documents and Procedure
  • Reimbursement and Recourse Actions
Port, Terminal, Stevedore & Storage Claims
Port, Terminal, Stevedore
Storage Claims
  • Damages caused by Improper Loading
  • Oil Removal and Wreck Removal
  • Damage to Port Facilities
  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Storage Agreements
  • Damage to Goods at Stores/Warehouses
Relations with Administration
Relations with Administration
  • Drafting and revising of laws
  • Obtaining licences and permits
  • Any and all relations including but not limited with the Ministries in Ankara